• Emily Neilson

Practice makes Patisserie

Oui, I made croissants again this weekend, and it was all thanks to yesterday's breakfast. Taylor and I were sort of scrounging around the fridge, brainstorming what to cook for our Saturday brunch, and we found a single croissant that I had frozen a few weeks ago. It was so good that I immediately started to make another batch (no small undertaking but a huge pay-out). I needed to replace that new void in the kitchen.

I still worked off the same recipe as last time, but it was amazing to see my improvement. I could read the dough better; I could understand it better; I could feel it better. After being punched down, I shaped it into a flatter, bigger rectangle – rather than as a loaf-shaped rectangle – and it drastically improved rolling the dough out this morning. Just so you know, it was still vigorous exercise – and I'm still debating whether I count that as my work-out for the day.

Every step of the way my technique was more confident, and it reminded my of two things: 1) the value of practice and 2) the value of practicing things you want to be better at. If you happen to check both of those boxes, my hypothesis is that you can exponential improvement – but I am just an amateur, vegan pastry chef in the making!

And my croissants, why they were magnificent! Each one furled like petals on the head of a tulip or a rose. It wasn't a bread basket – no, it was a bread bouquet – and it was so worth it!

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