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Vegan Test Kitchen: Yogurt!

Perhaps the only animal-based product I really miss is Greek yogurt. It's a textural thing for me because I don't even like plain yogurt that much. I'm not sure how to explain it. It's almost like the creaminess has a shape. It's not just creamy viscous; it's creamy wonderous.

Long before I was eating vegan, I couldn't even BUY Greek yogurt because I would take a spoonful of it every time I passed the refrigerator!

It was like a jar of candy: too tempting, too tasty.

I'm fond of vegan Greek yogurt CoYo, but it's pricey and it's out of my shopping-way, so I don't get it very often.

Imagine my absolute, exponential DELIGHT when my friend and co-worker gave me a Vegan Yogurt Starter-Kit for my birthday recently (Thank you, Joann!). And so I entered the experimental test kitchen this morning. This is the story of my homemade, vegan yogurt .... It probably won't have the consistency of Greek yogurt, but I am no less excited!

First: I made homemade plant-milk, as advised by the kit: better to use homemade, better to use any milk other than almond (I went with oat). It is so easy: 1 cup of oats and 4 cups of COLD water in the Vitamix; blend for no more than 30 seconds; pour through a nut-bag and gently squish through into a bowl. Done.

Second: I got out my proofer [**When I got the proofer out last week for the first time in six years, the only thing I could NOT find was its charging cord. Thus, I had to order a new on from Amazon; bless and damn Amazon all in the same breath**]

Third: Well ... I just followed the directions that came with the kit. It does require quite a bit of time, but it's not active time. Just plan to do it on a Saturday morning or something!

Hours of Proofing & Cooling later: How'd it go?

Six hours of proofing later and we:

– rearranged the downstairs furniture

– walked into town

– mailed a package

– visited a new restaurant and ordered take-out lunch

– ate said take-out (really delish vegan options)

– looked at yogurt proofing through the window

– made pizza dough (which is also proofing for the next five hours)

– sat on couch

– looked at yogurt again

– thought about a doing a pilates class

– took a nap

– watched the first episode of Firefly Lane

Turns out ... you can really fit a lot into six hours of yogurt-making!

And the end result for Saturday morning's breakfast? It was AWESOME. I will be making my vegan yogurt at home until further notice. And maybe, just maybe, I'll figure out a way to make Vegan Greek yogurt – – but that might be too tempting for me still!

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