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Weekend Kitchen

Keeping my hands moving really helps my day. I suppose it makes me feel purposeful, but I like to think it has more to do with adding hum and thrum to the day.

For the past few days, the hum and thrum has been diminished in our house. The Camera Man had a positive exposure to Covid-19, and I didn't, so we've been wearing masks and staying apart. He said it right the other morning: home is where you're supposed to feel safe, and now it doesn't feel safe. He even voluntarily painted **some** of the downstairs trim, and he hates painting! So, I went full throttle in the kitchen this weekend to throttle the feelings that sidle in when my hands stay idle.

I went big – with vegan chocolate babka – hoping to master a baked-good from The Camera Man's Christmas heritage. I'm new to babka, but it reminded me of a chocolate croissant and I liked it. Need to make it again with a one tweak: melt the filling in advance so I can achieve a better bread-braid. There's something really, deeply, wonderfully familiar about walking into a room and smelling bread baking.

I made some Saturday soup with some sweet potatoes and lentils that needed new purpose, and they found it with with some Moroccan spices and vegetable broth. Chop, mince, sauté, mix, simmer. You can find the recipe here from Minimalist Baker. It's healthy and hearty, and totally approachable. Everyone should make a batch of soup every weekend. Always.

This morning, I played in the Christmas Cookie test kitchen to figure out our holiday sweet deliveries. I was/am super excited about the Peppermint Chocolate Cookies. *Side-note: I am deeply partial to anything chocolate. Second side-note: I think these cookies could be excellent in an ice cream sandwich .... filing away that idea!

And right now, I'm waiting for my tofu to finish marinating before moving on to the deep-frying part of dinner. Tonight we are having Superiority Burger's Tofu Crispy Fried Tofu Sandwich and Steak Fries. (Recipe review: Delicious! Wow! Like a filet o'fish – but better & vegan!)

As Sunday winds down, I am hoping we finish our weekend with a stick-to-your ribs kind of feeling that holds our hands going into this week. If the Eagles could stick it to the Saints, that would be a perfect conclusion, too!

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